A strategy can help put your organisation’s mission into practice by helping raise the profile of your work and enhance support among key audiences. Integrating communications goals into a strategy can add consistency in messages and consistency in design to help achieve clarity in your outreach activity for better corporate results.

C O M M U N I C A T I O N S  S T R A T E G Y    Consultant to the Programme for Capacity Building in African Carribean Pacific Countries  (Intra- ACP) of the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA). Employed  by Consortium Safege-Prospect-Adetef-Eco   2 0 1 2  The GCCA is an initiative of the European Union (EU), launched in 2007 and coordinated by the European Commission, aimed at strengthening dialogue and cooperation on climate change with developing countries most vulnerable to climate change. Being part of the Global Climate Change Alliance, the Intra-ACP Programme supports its member countries, in particular the LDCs and the SIDS, in their adaptation and mitigation responses. As part of this consultancy I undertook to draft a Communications Strategy for the African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company working to promote Renewable Energy in West Africa. During the mission to the headquarters of ABREC in  Lome, Togo I undertook interviews with local staff, international organisations working in sustainable development to assess the needs and context of the communications programme of ABREC.  I  organised and implemented a training on communications for ABREC staff and workshop on environmentall communications for external partners of ABREC.  Partners: Regional Development Banks including BIDC/EBID, UNDP, government  agencies, the national Electricity Company,  NGOs and national media.

C O M M U N I C A T I O N S  S T R A T E G Y Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative of the Ramsar Convention, Communications Strategy 2 0 0 4 – 2 0 0 9 Working with institutional networks to draft, implement and evaluate a communications strategy. Partners involved scientific organisations, government  agencies and NGOs through Europe and accross the Mediterrranean, as well as international and national media. You can  access  online  sample of reporting on the Communications  Strategy  Partners: Ministerial authorities related to water resource management of the following countries Albania, Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, The FYR of Macedonia, Tunisia, Turkey, Palestinian Authority, Ramsar Convention ◦ Barcelona Convention ◦ Bern Convention ◦ European Commission ◦ UNDP ◦ Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale della Toscana (ARPAT) ◦ Greek Biotope Wetland Centre (EKBY) ◦ Portuguese Wetland Centre (CEZH/ICNB) ◦Sede para el Estudio de los Humedales Mediterráneos (SEHUMED) ◦ Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat (TdV)

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