S o f i a  S p i r o u  works as journalist  and consultant in agricultural and environmental issues. She holds a BSc in Economics as well as an MSc in Theory of International Relations both from the LSE. Beginning in 1999 she has held professional appointments with international organisations active in the field of environmental protection including the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands(MedWet) and the United Nations Environment Program. She has served as Head of Communications for a series of  international projects with clients such as the European Commission, the Global Climate Change Alliance, the Canadian International Development Agency, the German Development Agency. Her work clusters mainly  on policy, management and economics of water  and biodiversity resources, climate change and energy with a geographic  focus in the Mediterranean region. She has also undertaken work in North and West Africa. Sofia  has worked as editor to a number of environmental policy works including ‘Trading in genes- development perspectives on biotechnology, trade, and sustainability, ‘Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis of Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea’. She has represented inter-governmental entities in international meetings, received funding for communications and awareness activities from various institutions and foundations and has organized a number of international conferences. She has received funding as coordinator and member of a research team led by Athens University of Economics and Business to complete research on the evaluation of the Greek Gene Bank with the support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.


BSc in Economics, London School of Economics (1995)                                                                     MSc in History and Theory of International Relations, London School of Economics (1998)


Climate change and energy issues                                                                                                 Management and policy of water resources                                                                                      Economic valuation of  biodiversity  services                                                                                        Multilateral environmental agreements, governance of environmental resources                                     Communications